How to join

Making the first move to a fitter and healthier lifestyle can be achieved in just a few simple steps.  Contact one of the team via phone or the website to book an appointment.

Step 1 – The consultation 

At Figures For Women we pride ourselves in making sure we get to know our members on a one to one basis.  Starting a new fitness regime can be rather daunting so the first thing we want to do is establish what YOU are looking to achieve – whether its to get fit, lose weight or even just have some ‘me time’!  This initial time will give us a basic understanding of your goals and help us get you on the right track to success.  (15 minutes)

We will also use this step to give you a quick trial of the equipment.  Our circuit offers a top to toe workout focusing solely on fat burning and inch loss (10 minutes)

Step 2 –  Signing up

We will sit with you and complete all relevant paperwork and payment details to set up your membership.  You will receive the necessary paperwork and member information to take home and we will also book you in for a full induction  (10 minutes)

Step 3 – The induction

This will be your first visit as a full member of Figures For Women.  Before you get started on the circuit you will be weighed and measured – this is optional.  The results will be kept on file and reviewed every month to help track your progress.

You will then be taken on to the circuit and shown each piece of equipment to create a clear understanding on technique.  Once you are happy with the workout we will complete the 30 minutes with you to make sure you are working in the right training zone.  Once your workout is complete you will be shown a short stretch routine which is advised after every session.

Step 4 – GET GOING!

To get the best results from our workout we suggest a minimum of 3 sessions per week.  Our team will keep track on your progress and regular reviews of your workout will play a key part in achieving results.