What our members say:


“I have been attending this gym for over 10 years through it’s 3 name changes (from Ladypace, energie and now Figures For Women).  I love this gym, the staff are very friendly and encouraging.  I never feel that coming to FFW is a chore and the big bonus is that I have lost weight – and keep it off!  Keep going Kelly and Co. you’re doing a good job!”

“A fabulous place – always friendly and approachable.  Class changes mean there is no time to get bored or stuck in your way,s  There’s something for everyone”

“I joined Figures For Woman in November 2016 and straight away, I was made to feel so welcome. As soon as you walk into the room, everyone speaks to you, so, if like me, you go on your own, you would never feel lonely. I really love the afternoon classes with Sophie and Kelly and have felt a big benefit in my fitness. Thank you everyone x x”

“I had never been to a gym before and was quite nervous but the staff at figures for women are so friendly and supportive they make it easy. The classes are so varied and make it great value for money. If you want to get fit, make friends, laugh a lot and chat a lot then join this gym. They are fantastic”

“About ten years ago I bought my first trainers because I had decided to join a ladies only gym.Well I am still keeping fit three times a week I meet my friends we work out and then we put the world to rights.so many friends have I made.Its a great place to be part of. The staff are always ready to help,they will weigh and measure you regularly to show how you are shaping up.come and see for yourself you have nothing to lose except inches”

“Thank you Kelly for creating a fantastic gym! I normally hate the gym and would’ve quit by now but this gym is fun with a variety of classes. Even when you walk in the atmosphere is so nice. I actually look forward to going!! Price is so reasonable too with the classes included. I would recommend anyone to join :)”


“Just what I needed to get motivated again. Very friendly staff and ladies – always felt welcomed”

“I have spent more than half of my life wasting money on slimming clubs eating the wrong things! Now I am eating a high protein low carb diet, coming to the gym 3-4 times a week and feel and look better than I ever have. Forget slimming clubs and come here instead!!!”

“As a new member I have found everyone friendly and really helpful. Lots of good classes”

“The best thing about FFW is the environment. I’ve yet to walk into a gym that is as friendly or welcoming – you can exercise here without worrying about how you look or what people might ‘think’ about you”


“Fabulous gym & amazing staff. I feel so comfortable workout out and having a great time with the different classes. Would highly recommend it to any woman looking to lose weight, tone up or just get fit! – Carla”

“I’m of an older age group and I’ve been coming for a number of years and I feel much better for coming. I come four mornings and feel really fit, I’m sure it’s doing me good! I’ve also met a nice lot of new friends”


“Box Fit is a fab class! Hard work but good to be challenged”

“My daughter and I started the gym together. Kelly is very motivating and supportive. We have always found all of the staff very friendly and helpful, very structured and professional. My daughters words: “Kelly and the staff are always smiling!”

“Just brill!!! Fantastic! Super Staff!”

“I have made new friends, lovely ladies that had I not been a part of this gym I might never have had the opportunity of meeting. The staff are great! I am encouraged and tutored in all my class activities and although I am 76 I never feel ‘old’ or ‘inadequate’. I love the social side – the dinners, parties, bowling and quiz nights. I am enjoying every minute of it and of course the biggest bonus of all I AM FIT!”